What Are Your Cell Phone Rules?


cell phone, rules for teens, tweensAs parents, we kind of have to face it. We live in a cell phone world. I can't imagine my life without one. However, I'm sort of dreading when my kids want one.

A cell phone is just going to mean one more set of rules to enforce.

My dad friend just caught his 7th grade son talking on his cell phone — at 2am! My mom friend gets more texts for her daughter than for herself. Most the teachers in our What to Expect: Back to School series, middle school on up, stated that cell phones and texting were a BIG problem in the classroom — even schools where you're not supposed to have them out during class (yeah, we weren't supposed to pass notes in our day either, but we always found a way...).

So what's a parent to do? There have to be some rules, right?

Does your tween or teen have a cell phone? What are your rules about it? At home? At school? At night? How far do you go to enforce these rules?

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MomIWant MomIWant

We made the cell phone issue easy on ourselves.  Our kids had to have a job & three months of cell phone costs in the bank before getting one and they had to pay the bill each month.  By the time they funded their cell phones, they were old enough that we didn't have to police them much.  I know I'm in the majority, but I think of a cell phone as a luxury, not a necessity.

justa... justanotherjen

None of my kids are old enough (oldest is 9) to have one and they have no need for one.  Everywhere they go there are adults with phones or pay phones.  Not sure when they will get them...probably when they are driving or choose to be invloved in a million after school activities that they are responsible for getting to on their own.  And then they will only be allowed to use while going to these things and will hand it to me when they walk in the door.  Unless they have a job and are paying for it completely on their own (not on our plan, etc).  And then if I find out they are using them in class they will be confiscated.  Phones are a privilege, not a right.

I survived 27 years without a phone, I think they can, too.  And I still rarely use mine.  The only person I ever call is my husband and we mostly text each other because it's easier.  I don't even bring it with me half the time.

Satur... SaturnsMom

well my son is six and asking me for a phone.there are prepaid plans that he could probably afford on his allowance since I give him $5 a week for chores. But honestly he probably wont be getting one for a few years.  My first rule would definitly be absolutly no camera phone.  There is too much trouble kids can get into with camera phones.  He would have to keep it turned off during school hours and follow all school rules.  and i would have access to his account so i can see when he is using it and who he is calling and texting.

My phones website has a page where you can see everything that goes on with it.

nonmember avatar Andy

Kids don't really need to have a cellphone however, I believe that we should allow them to explore the new technologies available. Perhaps we can share them our cellphone or gadgets. Using these gadgets more often than not serve as a link between parents and children to bond.

Farm Friends iPhone App

Clove... Cloverallovermd

My sister just called me the other day to ask how to turn off pictures on my neace's phone. Apparently, my neace took an innoscent picture of her brand new bra and my sis said 'no more! What if you lost your phone, or sent it to someone else...' so my neace lost the phone for a week and no longer has photo access.

Another time, my friend asked me how she could get copies of her kids texts because she wanted to know what they were sending, to be safe. I sent her to Dr. Phil's episode on phone safety. My child is almost 8 and Im totally set on a firefly, which only lets the user call 2 pre-programmed numbers.  It's important to fully understand the phone's capibilities, as well as the technology that it offers before you find odd photos or weird messages (or rediculous charges for the strangest things).

Mousuke Mousuke

My kids will have the same rule that was instilled in me: no cell phone until you have a driver's license. My first cell phone came after my license as a way to contact police/parents in case of an accident/car emergency. 16-17 is about the age when I think a cell phone is appropriate anyway.

If my kids make a big fuss about wanting phones, then they will get a cell phone that is only allowed to call and receive calls from three numbers: me, dad, and the police. There is no reason for a child to have a cell phone. If they want to talk to their friends, they can do so in person or on the home phone.

laura_2 laura_2

My daughter is 6 and she's asking for a cellphone already. Now that she's in school I kind of think it would be a good idea but she's still to young to care for one. She probably wont be getting one for a couple years, there's so many bad things that they can get into.

brack... bracketrat

Both of my girls 9 & 16 have cell phones because of numerous activities.  The have been taught the purpose of the phones and we've never had a problem.  The rules are simple,

1. You leave the house, you take it with you. 

2. If I call you and you don't answer, God be with you.

3. The phones are turned off at dinnertime and at bedtime. 

If they get in trouble and the phones are taken away; then because of rule #1 they are not allowed to go out (and actually we have never had to enforce this one).

Debor... DeborahmomofH

I did not get my daughter a cell phone until she started high school, she really did not need one before then. I laid out a set of rules regarding her phone:

1. Her phone is on when she is out of the house and she picks up when I call her.

2. If she goes over her monthly minutes or texts then she must pay for the extra charges.

3. Cell phone is silenced during dinner and turned off at bedtime.

4. During the night she is to leave her phone in the kitchen to charge, she is not to have it in her bedroom when she is suppossed to be sleeping.

For the most part she has followed these rules very well, there have been a few times when she's broken the rules and had to be disciplined, but overall she has been very good.

ethan... ethans_momma06

These are some great rules for when my DS is old enough to have one, thanks!

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