What Are Your Cell Phone Rules?

cell phone, rules for teens, tweensAs parents, we kind of have to face it. We live in a cell phone world. I can't imagine my life without one. However, I'm sort of dreading when my kids want one.

A cell phone is just going to mean one more set of rules to enforce.


My dad friend just caught his 7th grade son talking on his cell phone — at 2am! My mom friend gets more texts for her daughter than for herself. Most the teachers in our What to Expect: Back to School series, middle school on up, stated that cell phones and texting were a BIG problem in the classroom — even schools where you're not supposed to have them out during class (yeah, we weren't supposed to pass notes in our day either, but we always found a way...).

So what's a parent to do? There have to be some rules, right?

Does your tween or teen have a cell phone? What are your rules about it? At home? At school? At night? How far do you go to enforce these rules?

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