Ah-choo! Flu Shot Time?

Before the debate begins, let me say now, I have no agenda here. In all honesty, like a lot of you, I'm somewhat leery of vaccinations of all types, but not so much that I keep my kids from them. I have two boys, and one year my oldest got the flu shot. But I'll admit, since then no one in my family has had one, including me, and we've all be fine (knock wood).


Obviously, the medical establishment promotes flu vaccination, and of course, there are many groups who fight their findings. But when there is so much disagreement about a given medical treatment, many mothers wisely turn to others moms first. So let's get it all out there in the open. Who else is like me--leery but not adamantly against? Who absolutely swears by the flu shot? Who would never get one for their child no matter what? Who's gotten one for their child and had bad after-effects? Most of all, whatever your position, please help us understand why you've made that choice.

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