How to Pack a Healthy Lunch in 60 Seconds

Market Day PB&J Squarewiches

PB& J, bologna and cheese, tuna? If time is of the essence, then spending even five minutes packing lunch during the morning rush in your house is way too long. But what if you could pack a lunch in literally under a minute, keep it healthy, and donate to a school of your choice? It's possible--Market Day, the nation's largest food fundraising company has conveniently mapped out a healthy, affordable pre-made lunch menu (that kids seem to love), which moms in many states pick up from a Market Day School (and it's not hard to get your kid's school to be one). So instead of chips, think string cheese, fruit cup medleys, and whole fruit


And "what's for dinner?" as Rachel Ray would say. Available online through are affordable healthy, truly scrumptious-looking family meals, that can be delivered to your door.

The best part though, is knowing that at least 5 percent (sometimes more) of your purchase goes back to your community. Market Day founder Trudi Temple is a mom and avid gardener who has spent a lifetime helping those in need. To date, this program has raised over $400 million for American schools. Does pre-made lunch and dinner sound like a good idea? Would you support a program like this?

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