Is the Miley Cyrus Clothing Line Inappropriate for Teens?



The Miley Cyrus & Max Azria clothing collection has hit local Wal-Mart stores. Some CafeMoms talking about the Miley Cyrus & Max Azria clothing line in Answers think it's cute for a teen. Others think it's too revealing.


The original poster says, "I would never let my teenage daughter walk out of the house looking like a hooker."

KRYSTALxoxo says, "I think it is horrible! Some of it is okay, but most not. My 6 year old really likes [Miley's] style, but I don't think they are things that 6 year olds should wear. [Miley's style] started off okay, but it is getting worse. Of course she thinks she is a teenager already, so that is another story. She has really changed not just in appearance, but the way she dances  and everything. It scares me because these kids really look up to her. I just hope we don't have another Brittany Spears on our hands. I know everyone thought well and looked up to her, too, and look how that turned out. These stars just don't realize the pressure they have on them with the young fans wanting to be like them."

Other CafeMoms disagreed or at least felt they could pick and choose from the collection.

hibbingmom says, "It wasn't terrible. Yhere were a few quite cute things. Mostly I assume I wasn't horrified because it's for fall, so nothing too revealing or skanky. If it had been for summer instead, I think it would have been a different story."

Ladybugkisses76 says, "The clothes were cute. There are some pieces I would allow my child to wear. But to each his own."
ravensgirl83 says, "There was one I didn't like -- short shorts, suspenders, and hooker boots. It looked more like something a 21 year old would wear to a club, not a 16 year old to school."
So, Miley Cyrus's new clothing line ... trashy or tasteful?
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