When Did Your Tween Get Her First Bra?

An anonymous mom writes that her 10-year-old daughter is starting to develop breasts.

The problem? Her tween doesn't like to wear training bras. So, this mom wanted to know if there were any other options...

  • Some moms suggested starting with a sports bra, like this one from The Gap. These are good for transitioning into real bras; plus, they are pretty comfortable.
  • LeviM suggested a tank top or camisole with an attached bra top. The Cherokee Ultimate Tank from Target ($5.99) has a comfortable built-in shelf bra and adjustable straps. It's great for layering, and tweens can even wear it over a training bra if they are embarrassed of the straps.













  • Lady-t3984 likes the bra and panty sets for her tweens—like this (top left) from Walmart. She says they are softer than regular bras.
  • And finally, tyfry7496 suggested letting your tween pick out a beginning bra with cute designs or stripes (top right). If your daughter likes it, she may be more apt to wear it.

When did your tween get her first bra? Which of these options did she go for?

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