Sexist Sons. Say it Ain't So

photo by Dennis Flood

Mothers of sons are faced with an interesting dilemma. Having never been boys ourselves, we often have to fill in the blanks about the "boy experience" and imagine the kind of boy we might've been. We want our sons to be decent and kind people, but especially to girls (because we know firsthand what it's like when boys aren't). Well, the honesty of Jessica6969's question demands attention. She asked simply, "How should I have reacted to this?"


Here's the "this" in a nutshell. Son, 14 years old, comes home limping. Mom thinks he has a sports injury. After much prodding, son finally breaks down. The truth is, he's grabbed a girl's rear end and she kneed him you-know-where! Understandably, Jessica6969 is torn between sympathy for her lad (after all, he's in major pain) and total disgust/feeling like he deserved it. Most moms of boys eventually face something tricky like this. You know, my sweet baby, a sexist pig? Well, let's talk, how should she have reacted?

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