5 Ways to Beat the Heat as Summer Sizzles On

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Photo by Cafe Sheri

August is HOT. There's no more wondering when summer is going to arrive. This month, all around the country, we're deep in summertime (wipes sweat from her brow and other embarrassing places).

However, summer days with the family don't have to be sweaty and cranky. There are lots of ways to have fun together, despite the blazing temperatures.


5 Ways to Beat the Heat as Summer Sizzles On

  1. Get wet: Swim in the kiddie pool or the local pool, in the river, pond, or ocean. Don't have access to a swimming spot? Visit the community fountain. Fill up a tub or bucket or other container. Have a water balloon toss or invest in a few super soakers. Heck, fill up the bathtub with cool water and dry off in front of a fan. Whatever it takes to cool off!
  2. Eat ice cream: Homemade, store bought, ice cream truck — it doesn't matter as long as it's cold, sweet, and delicious. Nothing makes my kids happier faster than a sweet treat in the afternoon.
  3. Watch a movie: Rent a movie, go to the movies, check out a flick from the library, or watch a family DVD that you own. I like to play "nobody touch anybody!" while watching family movies too. Why do they insist on sitting on top of me in this heat?
  4. Stay indoors: Play indoor hopscotch, build a fort, make a movie, or any number of fun indoor activities.
  5. Go out: Lots of fun and affordable family activities come with FREE air conditioning. Take advantage. Go to the library, the roller skating rink, bowling, the arcade, the $1 movies. Last weekend, we took advantage of IKEA's air conditioning and free childcare: my older son played in Småland while my husband and me "window shopped" for upcoming home improvements with our youngest strapped in the cart for premium people-watching happiness (kids have to be potty trained to use the childcare services).

How are you and your kids beating the August heat?

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