Trick or Treat? For Teens in Illinois Town, Neither

photo courtesy HGTV

Is your high-schooler still way into Halloween? Well, if she lives in Belleville, Illinois she might want to be sure she's escorting a younger sib or friend door-to-door. Otherwise, trick-or-treating is off limits there for anyone in the 9th grade or above--or mom pays a $25 fine!


The rationale? Well, the town's mayor says that the new measure is to ensure that teens don't knock on doors after 9pm scaring unsuspecting senior citizens and other people concerned about dastardly tricks.

My sense is that most teens are either too cool for trick-or-treating, or they'd rather dress up with their friends and gather or party somewhere together anyway. If that's the case in Belleville, then this ordinance shouldn't upset too many people. But who knows with teens? What's hot one year is so not hot the next. Do your teenagers still trick-or-treat?

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