New Mom Worry -- Teens Sharing Prescription Drugs

teens sharing prescription drugs

One out of five teens share their prescription drugs with friends, new research finds. And not just their parents' medicine cabinet stash, like the anxiety drug Xanax or painkiller Oxycontin -- popular choices among teens.

But personal prescriptions as well: birth control pills, ADHD drugs, and acne medications. This is a big deal if you consider the side effects of heavy hitters like Accutane for acne, which carries a risk of birth defects.

What if a teen gave it to her friend who didn't know she was pregnant?


"I think it has something to do with America's prescription drug use in general," notes aarkat in a recent Newcomer's Club discussion. "Children see adults take little pills for so many different things. It doesn't seem very dangerous to do something you see your parents (grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.) do all the time."

Do you worry about your teens sharing prescription drugs? Have you ever been guilty of slipping a sleeping pill or painkiller to a friend in need?

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