Fat Kids Get Teased More than Poor Kids

kids get teased

Kids understand that wealth
isn't something their peers can control

Kids tease their peers about a lot of things: athletic ability, shyness, weight, and more. But, says a Kansas State University Study, they tease them most about things the children have in their control.


According to Parent Dish, researchers tested third and sixth-graders on their opinion of and willingness to help hypothetical kids who were poor, nonathletic, obese, aggressive, shy, asthmatic, and who had attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

The study showed that sixth-grade boys had the lowest tolerance for others, while girls had more compassion.

Which kids get picked on the most? Aggressive kids are the most likely to be teased. Girls were also given a harder time because they have "more power to change themselves than boys because girls seek out and follow the advice of adults." The children showed an understanding of wealth and poverty and things that impact that like the fall of Enron, which affect the unluckiest Americans. As a result, poor kids were less likely to be teased.

Do you kids get teased? For what? Do your kids tease others? How do you teach your children to cope with teasing?

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