6-Year-Old Painting Prodigy

kid painterUsually, six-year-olds paint stick figures of mommy and daddy holding hands, with maybe a boxed house, trees, and flowers in the background, right?


Not Kieron Williamson. He's a six-year-old who's paint skills resembles those of Monet. Not kidding. Check out Kieron's watercolor masterpieces on Parent Dish to see for yourself.

After visiting coastal towns as a young boy, Kieron became inspired to begin drawing. His mother describes his early works as those typical of his age group. However, when family friend and artist Carol Ann Pennington saw Kieron's work, she recognized his potential and gave him lessons, and in doing so, bringing out a talent that has since given him the label of a "prodigy."

The British talent will have his first show open at the Last Picture Show in Town gallery in Norfolk, England this coming Sunday, two days before his seventh birthday.

Does your child have a special talent?



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