Should Your Kids See You Naked?


My baby sees me naked all the time, but I don't think that's a big deal. And a poll on the Toddler Buzz shows that most moms will stop letting their toddler see them naked when they or their kid gets embarrassed by it. But what about bigger kids? Momversation wants to know if you think you should allow your older kids to see you naked.

Should your big kids and teens see you naked? At what age should you start to cover up? Does the gender of the child make a difference?



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LeCla... LeClaireS

We are a naked house for sure. The bathroom door is never shut, I cannot take a bath alone if I begged! But I have all girls~I guess that makes it easy. Now my husband...he is not so much a naked dude!

rozepyle rozepyle

my hubby and i both shower with ds. sometimes we will even take a family shower, i do yoga naked, we sleep naked somtimes, its a body not a drug, its fine.

ethan... ethans_momma06

I saw my mom naked all the time. I don't think it did anything other then make me more secure about my own body. however she would leave the bathroom door open out of habit and I hated that, but we knew about it so it wasn't a huge shocker or anything.

So I think it's fine for same gender....possibly awkward for different gender but that really depends on the age. Are we talking 5 or 13, you know?

RanaA... RanaAurora

If I go to my parents' house, my mom STILL doesn't care if my sister or I see her naked.  I really don't care either because it was so normal.

My dad, on the other hand, we don't want to see him naked, and he doesn't want us to either, thank god.


to save time, my kids often shower with me. my 18 month old cries if he doesnt get to shower when either daddy or mommy are taking a shower. At some point this will stop...I guess when bashfulness comes into play. but for now hes a baby. My 7 year old is a girl, and it doesnt bother either of us. I have always let her shower with me, so its so normal now. I have another one one the way (which makes the shower a little cramped now) and im sure he will shower with me and daddy or his big brother for a few years. Not only is it a time saver, I dont have to wait until he is naping or until daddy gets home from work, I cant let him run loose in the house while I'm in the shower!!

jeslove jeslove

well i take my bath with my lil girl (2yrs) and i   don't see any  problem with that .my hubby is not  with us so its no big deal


Wh1tney Wh1tney

We don't make it a point to be naked or encourge situations where our children will se us naked but with several people living under 1 roof there will be glimpes here and there.  We treat those glimpes as no big deal. My son is 9 and if I need to change my shirt in his view I just do it or even put on my bra, I usually turn my back and proceed though and he doesn't even look up because it was never treated as taboo.  If I'm in a towel or something I will ask to give me a moment and I'll get dressed in private. Also if the phone is for me and I'm in the shower he thinks nothing of running in there and handing me the phone. Like I said we try to be tactful but in the end its not that serious.....

ichee... icheeka09

My stepkids shower with me to save water, and because they shower with everyone else in the family. Both boys, so it is a tad awkward. they notice differences between thier own mother and I and want to talk about it . I mean they are going to learn about a woman in school anyway, so why not let thier stepmom scare them? ;) But as soon as the oldest turns 9 I'm done. I'm making everyone done with the showers with him too. Frankly I think 6 is too old. (but that is  just me)family car


Happy Summer!

Fallaya Fallaya

I saw my mom naked when I was growing was no big deal.  It's not like she was parading around in her b-day suit!  My dad?  Not that I'm aware of...

kyrie... kyriesmommy13

my hubby and i will shower with our daughter, and i bathe with her (hubby hates baths). she sees us get changed/dressed, and sees my boobs everyday since she nurses. it will be different with her dad when she is older, but as of now i don't see anything wrong with it.

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