Teen Girls Getting Drunk by Booze-Soaked Tampons


tampon, booze, drunk, teensOver in the Connecting With Your Teenager group, CafeMom elvir2babes tips us off to a new teenage trend: teen girls getting drunk via booze-soaked tampons.

That's right, getting drunk and FAST by inserting an alcohol-drenched tampon vaginally and waiting for the buzz.

What will they think of next?

The idea is you can get drunk much faster (and with less booze, I'm assuming) because the alcohol goes directly into the bloodstream when it's allowed to seep in through the soft membranes of the vagina. Ack! And somehow Ouch! I guess men and others have been doing this rectally for some time, and news travels fast.

I don't get it. When we were wild and crazy teenagers, we were perfectly content just to score and drink alcohol. The regular way. Lift glass (or bottle) to lips and gulp. I really liked getting drunk. But even so, I'd never have gone for this.

Maybe it's an urban myth (hopefully). It's so dangerous! An overdose waiting to happen.

I guess it might help with your parents' red-faced, past-curfew questioning: "HAVE YOU BEEN DRINKING!!!?" I mean, you can honestly say, "No" (if you live through it, that is). Ugh.

Have you heard about real teenagers taking part in this alternative trend to getting drunk?

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dakaj... dakajazz23

Wow! No, I had never heard of this before. Very scary.

momof... momof3jll

Can you imagine the burning?! I haven't heard of this.

soysilk soysilk

i wonder who thought that up

i thought it was a way to get alchol in school by sucking are your alcohol

soaked tampon -

too bizarre

bandk... bandk4ever

What is this world thinking of???

Death... Deathlilly

wow...just wow.....

RanaA... RanaAurora

Unfortunately it's not a myth.  Part of the reason it's so dangerous is because unlike drinking alcohol, you can't just throw up to help lower your blood alcohol level if it gets too high.

TaimaM TaimaM


where... wheresthewayout

WOW!...My girls could come home drunk and it would never be on their breath!  I know they would not want to try and the girls who are willing must come from some really sad homes

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