Can You Afford School Supplies?

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can you afford school suppliesThe high cost of school supplies has been a heated topic recently. Some moms only have to spend $20 on basic supplies; but others have to spend $200!

It's a tricky situation: Because we value our children's education we want to be sure they have the best of everything—including books and supplies. And on the other? $200 is a lot of money!

How much do you expect to spend on school supplies and fees this year?





Can you afford all the supplies on your child's school supplies list?

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Cafe... Cafe Cynthia

I spend about $30-$40 on school supplies -- crayons, pens, paper, glue sticks, folders. What irks me is that our school specifies not only the item but the "brand," which of course is always the most expensive. I ignore that; I get what's on sale.

lil_A... lil_Army_Wife05

We just moved to Va. I got the school list for 3rd graders and I will say I was shocked! The list is so small this year. I can get everything on the list under 20.00 this year. Last year back in LA the list was a big one! I spent a lot of money to get supplies.Here you don't have to buy so many boxes of everything like we did last year. Last year they wanted 10 boxes of crayons, so many boxes of color pencils, ect. And come to find out the class of 16 kids didnt use all the supplies so the teacher took the left overs home!! Now I do not agree with that at all. Send it back home with the student who's parents bought it or save it for next year for kids that cant afford it!!  Here in Va they  made buying Kleenex, bacteria hand soap,paper towels optional. You are not forced to buy it. I know most parents hate being forced into buying supplies like that, but it being optional makes it a lot easier. This year I will be buying those things just because they did leave it up to me. I know that alot of families can not afford school supplies and I don't mind helping out I just wish the school would put more of its money tords school supplies for children that can not afford it. If your a Military family and go to a school off post that school goes lots of money for each military child. Plus there are always left overs they can use for the next year!

mommy... mommyheymommy

Why on earth would a child need $200 in school supplies.  That is crazy, unless they are buying their own books I guess.

itsal... itsallabtthem84

We got lucky this year & they only need to basic stuff. So for all of school supplies that fare needed it came to $22. Of course this does not include a backpack.

jody1130 jody1130

My son is starting Kindergarten and his is about 75-80 bucks. Maybe more. I couldnt believe all the extra stuff they want them to bring. Like, 6 glue sticks and 2 bottles of glue, 3pkgs of crayons, and baby wipes. seriously. Oh and plastic baggies. I am not gonna buy all this stuff bc I know that the teachers bring most of it home. And I can understand that some of it may be for the poorer kids but I also know of parents who dont buy anything bc they know that someone else will. Its kinda hard to be nice when there are people like that that take advantage of you and the system.

singe... singedwingangel

Here they require the crayons and markers then dump them all in a bin on each set of tbales and let all teh kids use them. I told them I was not supplying for everyone, if one child needed then give me a list and I would do wht I coudl but mine was not to dump his stuff in that box. Not to mention then at mid year they send another enormous list home going oh we ran out, well um hit up the parents that didn't supply at the first of the year, the ones ya know could hav afforded it... My middle schooler is worse cause each teacher has a list of things they require. Last yeah he needed 3 big binders each with like 7 different colored pocket folders in them and divider tabs. I was like ya'll are crazy.. they don't have room in the lockeers to keep all that and the buses fuss when they have alot on the bus to pack home

Joyan... JoyandLove

I always find the supplies deeply discounted. My problem are the uniforms. THey never go on sale.

Woman... Womanofvision

My son is in 8th grade this year and I was shocked to see they are asking for a Ti-84 calculator (the one with the graphing). When I checked at Wal-Mart, the cheapest one is $99. What! are you kidding me! So I checked to see if the higher grades will require it, the results is only 12th grade. I asked my daughter who's a senior in college if she had to use one and so far no. So $99 for something he may use twice in his lifetime. I don't think so. The teacher will have to share hers/his with him.


craft... craftykidsclub

I don't even want to think about school supplies.  I have 4 kids and the lists just seem to get longer every year.  And of course when the really good sales are going on I don't have any money left over.

Celti... CelticFaerie

My daughter had to get the I-84 calculator she used it all 3 years. It was $110 the year she bought it. I would offer to sell you ours but my son borrows it to use (only at home )because it is pink. Check Ebay or Craigslist. Because they won't be able to do half the math without it.

When my daughter started 6th grade it cost us 175.00 to register her. With the  PE uniform, Outdoor school fee, books and Student body card. Add in the Pens, pencils, folders, CD Roms and calculator it was another 150.00, A very expensive year. Just wait until they get into High school and have to pay certain class and supply fees on top of everything else. Luckily my daughter transferred to a charter school where all she needs is pens, pencil, paper and CD Roms. I home school my middle schooler. All his supplies combined are only 20.00 with his online program being 25.00 a month.

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