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Bringing your new kindergartener or grade-schooler in to meet the teacher before school starts is a really good idea. Our school district holds a special orientation day for parents and students a few days before school.

It was great to meet the new teacher and classmates at the same time, but we also "stopped by" the classroom the day before school, while the teacher putting the finishing touches on the classroom, for a few minutes of one-on-one time.

Being able to talk to his teacher made all the difference for my son, who was pretty nervous about starting grade school for the very first time.


Will your child get a chance to meet his or her teacher before the start of school?

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Has your child met his new teacher yet? What was your first impression?

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justa... justanotherjen

There are no orientation days (other then preschool and kindy and that's on the first day of school...they only go for an hour while the other kids go a half day) at our school.  But it's a small school.  There is only 1 class per grade so my kids all know who their teachers will be next year.  They are going into 1st, 2nd and 4th.  So my 1st grader knows the teacher since her brother had her last year.  My 2nd grader knows his teacher from when his sister had him and my oldest knows of the 4th grade teacher and has met her at other school events.

jayne... jayneluvsmickey

Alec doesn't have orientation anymore at the high school level. Tosha is not in school, yet. I had orientation at school for our kids last Sunday.

sodapple sodapple

She hasn't but I hope she loves them as she did with her preschool teachers.

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