Teen Strippers: The New Summer Job?


teen strippers strip club teensSome teens looking to earn a little extra cash get jobs at Starbucks or McDonald's or babysitting the kids next door. Others can work at strip clubs—and it's perfectly legal.

In Rhode Island, teens can't drive until they're 16, vote until they're 18, or drink until they're 21, but they can work at strip clubs, taking off their clothes for a bunch of men who feed them dollar bills. Scary stuff considering a study that found that 60 to 70 percent of strippers have been sexually assaulted.

So why isn't it against the law? Because no one ever thought about it—until police found a 16-year-old runaway from Massachusetts working at a strip club in Providence, Rhode Island. During their investigation, they discovered that there was no Rhode Island law making it illegal for minors to work as strippers.

City officials are now working to get a law on the books that would fine strip clubs for hiring minors.

Is it legal for minors to strip in your state? Would you ever approve of your minor daughter or son working as a stripper? Is there an age at which you think it would be okay?

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Alieda Alieda

I would think it is legal for a teenager to work in a strip club here Ok is old school in a lot of ways. I would not allow my son to work in a strip club now if I had my say and he is 25. I think if you are going to do there should be a law that you be 21 at less.

rozepyle rozepyle

wtf? hell no

MammaMcC MammaMcC

You have to be 18 to work in a strip club where I live and I think that is right because 18 you are legally an adult.

elism... elismom122003

My husband says this isn't child pornography, but why not? I would think it should be considered pornography. It is people selling the image of a naked teen, except even more dangerous, they have access to take advantage of her.

Super... SuperMomof3kids

I dont approve of my children EVER working in a strip bar, not even as a waitress where the clothes stay on!!  They know this too, and I dont care how bad you need the money, you can get a job almost ANYWHERE but there! (Really, its almost as bad as prostitution in my mind, you are selling your naked body to men so they can look at you, how nice!)

Jenny... JennyMarie

No that is horrible and sick. I feel it is another way for perverted men to get out there and stalk the teen girls even more. And none of my children would ever work in one . It is 18 here.

athenax3 athenax3

that's crazy... I would have thought if you have to be 18 to enter the establishment that you would have to be at least 18 to work at it.

Silly... SillyMom5

I am the mom to tween girls so i will say noooooooooo! Whatever thery do when they are grown is different cause they would bwe growwn...but I would never have my teen stip if I had the say...don't they consider kids adults at 16 back east?  It was like that in NC when I uded to live there at 16 my parents couldn't tell me what to do there.I am glad to be here in cali sometimes because they aren't considered adults till 18 here.

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