Fairy Houses: Summer Fun in the Backyard

fairy houses, big kids

Photo by rockerchic

Need a fun nature activity to keep your kid occupied at home this summer? Jennifer Orr, Ideal Bite's Mama Bite Editor shares a fun idea for making fairy houses.

That's right, fairy houses...


Habitat for Fairy Humanity
By Ideal Bite's Mama Bite Editor Jennifer Orr

Wanna keep your bored kids busy during the long summer days? Introduce them to the fun of building fairy houses. I love this activity because it gets the kids outside, you don't have to buy anything, and there's no clean up.

Projects don't get any greener than this. You can build fairy houses anywhere and kids are limited only by their imaginations. They just have to follow two rules: First, fairies'll only live in houses built with stuff found in nature — sorry, can't use man-made materials. Second, fairies are very respectful of their environment and would never harm growing plants, so avoid using cut flowers or branches (fairies are finicky), only what's naturally fallen to the ground.

My daughter and neighbor have spent hours, even days constructing houses for their winged friends. One tiny bungalow even had a pool. And I love to hear their little chatter as they debate what they can build with. "Hey, those petals look too pink. They better not have been pulled off that bush!"

They're really learning the importance of not disturbing their environment, and not once have I had to give one of my green lectures they're so fond of...

What nature activities do your kids enjoy?

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