Best Board Games for Big Kids

Classic boardgames like Monopoly and Clue always guarantee a good time. But sometimes kids like to play something new. Today guest blogger Marianne M. Szymanski from Toy Tips recommends some of the best boardgames for school age kids, tweens, teens, and families to play together ...


"Games build connections and promote social family interaction. They are parenting tools that help to teach and reinforcr real-life skills, including following rules, taking turns, thinking strategically, and learning to lose. It's not so much the winning or competing that makes games fun, but the laughter, face-to-face conversation, and quick response.

"It's important that you always include the youngest member of the family, while still holding the older players' interest. It doesn't hurt if mom and dad are entertained, too! Consider "junior" versions of some of the popular titles (like Monopoly). Don't rule out outdoor, travel and on-the-go-games, as well."

Szymanski's recommendations:

School Age Kids/Tweens

  • Repeat Pete: An action and memory game in which players take turns performing tasks listed on the action cards.
  • Pictureka!: Players must find hidden objects before the timer runs out or pit against each other in a frenzied search to earn points.
  • Baseball Guys: A boxed set of sports action figures designed to allow a child lead the play value.


  • Say Anything: A matching game in which up to eight players predict how other players will answer an opinion question.
  • McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds: Players combine words on several different cards to make a coherent sentence. They read and explain their sentences aloud; then other players judge the validity of their sentences.


  • Imaginiff Game: This board game challenges players to predict how other players will respond to open-ended questions.
  • Dinner Games and Activities: 51 quick, easy-to-play games and activities to encourage healthy eating and togetherness. One family member chooses a card and then the whole family participates in the activity listed.

What is your family's favorite board game?

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