Get Your Kid To Brush His Teeth Better -- Lead By Example

Listerine Agent Cool BlueBeing a mom is a huge job, because it's only part of the job. You're also a cook, a maid, a judge and, most importantly, a teacher. One of the things I've noticed is that my 6-year-old loves imitating what my husband and I do. Like when he curls up next to me to read a book while I'm reading the paper (delicious), or how he loves to rake the yard while we are outside (which I'm sure will change just when we really need him to do it).

My point is that teaching by example is a great way to teach kids, and the best part is they don't even know that's what you're doing. When I wanted my son to learn how to brush his teeth on his own, but still do a thorough job, I decided it's something we'd do together. The first thing I did was to go buy Listerine® Agent Cool Blue®, a tinting rinse, which he uses before he brushes.


Agent Cool Blue® tints his teeth blue enough for him to see exactly where he needs to brush. I'm there right next to him and sometimes we even put on some music and "boogie while we brush."  He does a better job brushing his teeth, because he knows he's not done until all the blue is gone, and he actually has fun doing it.

Let's be honest, sometimes our jobs as moms is less than fun. "Oh, please can I do one more load of laundry, pleeeease!" But when you teach them stuff that you know is going to help them for the rest of their lives, it's pretty cool.

We're still working on tying his shoes (or maybe he'll just wear slip-ons forever), and he hasn't quite mastered making his bed, but I'm happy to say that the brushing is coming along quite nicely. In the mom world we call that a job well done.

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