Parents of Truant Kids Face Jail Time

When your child is very sick, he might stay home from school. When your sister's getting married in another state, he may miss another day or two. If your mother-in-law was gravely ill, perhaps you'd think it was best if he missed a day to see her before the inevitable. Keeping a child home from school however, should always be the exception and not the rule. Unfortunately, for a disturbing number of parents, making sure their children make it off to school is simply not a priority.


Yesterday, reported that a Dekalb County, GA mother was arrested at her home because three of her younger children have missed hundreds of days of school combined. According to the report, DeKalb County has one of the most aggressive anti-truancy programs in the country--one where punishment can include time behind bars. "If a child has 10 or more unexcused absences from school, parents are referred to an intervention program where they sign a contract agreeing to make sure their children get to class. If they fail to do that, they face the judge," the report says.

All across the country, schools, counties and states are instituting new systems to combat truancy. Do you think mothers should face jail time for not making sure their children go to school?

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