Family Dinner Topic of the Week: The Bush Twins and the Right to Privacy

CafeMoms are always asking for ways to get their kids to talk to them, so we're helping out with a weekly dinner conversation-starter.

Have you seen all the news reports about how the Bush twins spent much of Bush's eight years in office giving the Secret Service "fits?"

On the one hand, it's pretty amusing to think of Barbara and Jenna trying to escape from the agents. On the other, it might be the perfect segway to talk to our kids about this week's topic: Privacy.


What if Secret Service agents were to follow our teens? I know lots of parents who wish their kids could be under constant surveillance. And I know lots of teens who think this would be an absolute nightmare.

In many homes with tweens and teens, there is often tension surrounding the right to privacy: Parents want to know what is going on with their kids at all times in order to keep them safe and help them make good decisions. But kids don't want to feel smothered. They want parents to respect their privacy.

I love what  CafeMom Tinamarie79: had to say about talking to her kids about this issue:

I try to keep open communication with my kids, meaning they can tell me anything, and I will not get mad and they will not get in trouble. It is hard to do, but I need them to talk to me about what is going on. I am very open and honest with them and answer all their questions, if I do not then someone else will.

It sounds to me like open communication helps this mom to carefully balance  respecting her kids' privacy while staying on top of what is going on in their lives.

Is privacy something you talk about in your house? How much privacy do you give your teen?

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