Under-dressed for the Weather


photo by knit4tots

Mom's got on a ski hat, kid has on shorts. It's like CM mom Jenlos read my mind when she asked a question about whether or not one should say something to a mother whose child is clearly under-dressed for the weather, when mom is all bundled up. She says seeing that drives her nuts. Ditto.


Of all my pet peeves, this ranks among the highest. Just today I saw a bunch of kids after school in only t-shirts. It's fall in the northeast. It was 55 degrees this afternoon and windy. If you weren't in the sun, you could actually catch a chill. Nonetheless, as moms came to pick up their children, there was nothing but rider boots and leather jackets, sweaters and shawls. I literally saw a new mother in a stylish wool hat, but her brand new baby in the carryall had nothing on his head. What is this about?!

Moms on Jenlos' thread generally agreed that minding your business in this case is the only policy. Some also reminded that every kid is different, some overheat etc. Well, I'll have you know this conversation stopped me from being out of line, just in the nick of time. What do you think about this issue?

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