My Son's First Crush -- Terrifying for Me, Great for His Oral Care Habits

Listerine Smart RinseI'm pretty sure my son was a fifth grade kid when he left for school one day last month, but then he came home a full fledged, um, dude. He told me that he wasn't going to wear striped shirts anymore, and that he was growing his hair long and that juice pouches weren't "cool." Hmmm, could it be? Was my son suddenly becoming interested in the cootie-infested girls he used to tease mercilessly?

My suspicions were confirmed when later he asked me to get him deodorant and mouthwash. Honestly I was kinda thrilled because boys his age really do smell ripe by the end of the day and this was also my big opportunity to get him to improve his oral care habits. I told him if he really wanted a cleaner mouth and fresh breath, he had to do more than just brush his teeth.


I brought home Listerine® Smart RinseTM, an anticavity fluoride rinse, that not only helps prevents cavities, but kills the germs in his mouth that cause bad breath. The stuff also acts like a magnet, attracting food particles and germs so when he spits after rinsing that gunk is in the sink instead of in his mouth.

Because he can see all the junk that brushing left behind he really gets into rinsing with Smart RinseTM.  And he just loves the fact that it makes his breath "girl-approved" fresh. Well, he'd never tell me that, but I'm pretty sure those are his reasons for loving it. My reasons are that I know while he's getting fresher breath, he's also taking care of the important stuff too, like helping fight cavities for a healthier mouth.

So if growing up means that girls will get my son to dress better, smell better and take care of his mouth better, then maybe those teenage dating years will be something to look forward to after all.

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