Must-Have Tech Gadgets for Your Kids

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best tech gadgets for kids

Are your kids way more tech-savy than you are? It's difficult to stay on top of all the fancy hi-tech gadgets on the market these days. That's why we picked a few that are safe, educational, and fun for your child.


Cell phone: firefly glowPhone

Cost: $49.99

What it does: Designed specifically for kids (particularly young kids), this simple phone has a full color screen, built-in games and customizable ring-tones and wall paper. Plus, calls in and out can be controlled by parents.

Where to buy: Target,


best tech gadgets for kids
Laptop: Dell Latitude 2100

Cost: Starts at $369

What it does: This laptop is designed especially for the students and education. Weighing less than three pounds, it has a 10″ screen, Atom processor, wifi, and a media card reader. The best part? It's colorful and durable design, including a rubberized case, which provides an easy grip for messy hands.

Where to buy:


best tech gadgets for kids


MP3 Player: Nextar Ribbet Digital MP3 Player

Cost: $19.99

What it does: Does it have to do anything except look adorable? Seriously, though, this cute 1G player can play WMA and MP3 files and even has voice recording capabilities.

Where to buy? Toys R Us.



best tech gadgets for kids

Earphones: LoudEnough Volume Limiting Earphones

Cost: $38.24

What it does: Protect little ears with these earphones, which limit sound pressure levels up to 20 db.

Where to buy:






best tech gadgets for kids

Alarm Clock: Runaway Alarm Clock

Cost: $49.95

What it does: Your kids won't have trouble waking up in time for school with this little guy. If you hit snooze, this clock jumps off your nightstand and wheels around looking for a place to hide while beeping and flashing. Forget the kids. I'm getting myself one of these!

Where to buy:

Which gadgets will you buy for your kids when they go back to school?

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