Family Dinner Topic of the Week: Quality Time

CafeMoms are always asking for ways to get their kids to talk to them, so we're helping out with a weekly dinner conversation-starter.

This week's topic:

Spending quality-time together.


The older tweens and teens get, the more time they'd rather spend with their friends over their parents. It's sad, but true: Most kids tend to go through a stage where they pull away from their parents for a time.

Moms of teens advise against forcing them to hang out with you. Instead, they suggest talking to them about why it's so important for you to spend one-on-one time together, even if it's just for a few minutes each day. Ask them for input about how much time they would like to spend with you and what types if activities they would like to do. This approach might make them more willing to spend quality time with you

Along these same lines, here's what some moms had to say:

  • TCliffman: "If you feel compelled to do one-on-one time with him, plan it in advance, or make a routine date with him and let him have input on what you do. He will drift back to you..."
  • Anonymous: "I tell my kids that they will be taking care of me when I am old, might as well make friends with me now."  (I love this answer!)
  • Luckysevenwow: "I would require that he spend time with me but instead of weekly maybe monthly..."
  • NannyB.: "Maybe you just need to change the kinds of things you do with him or allow him to invite one friend to come with the two of you."

How do you spend quality time with your tweens and teens?

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