Eco-Friendly Book Reading

The following is a guest post by Ideal Bite's Mama Bite contributor Jennifer Orr. 

In my ongoing endeavor to reduce, recycle, and reuse, one of my habits lends itself nicely to this philosophy: reading. I average one book a week, and my 6-year-old, who has caught the book bug something bad, tears through them even faster.


Instead of heading to the book superstore, we get our fix at the local library. This is the one place my daughter doesn't have to hear my retail refrain, "No, we don't need that," so she gleefully grabs as many books as she can carry. I also love the convenience of requesting books through email—the lovely librarian finds and holds them for me. I won't get that rock-star treatment at the mega-book-plex.

For the authors I collect, I now buy their books used, which adds a whole new dimension to enjoying a book. I get a kick out of reading margin notes and trying to decipher why a particular passage was underlined. I also swap favorites with my book club friends. The result of all this? I haven't bought a new book in more than a year—for myself or my kiddos. I've saved a ton of money, paper, and resources, and I've yet to miss out on one good read.

Where do you get books for your kids?

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