How to Get Your Teen to Talk

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talking to teen boys

Photo by momof3teenagers

Moms know that their teen age boys have the ability to talk. They have concrete proof. They hear them on their cell phones talking to girlfriends for hours. The get in trouble for talking in class. And they sure yell loud enough when they're on the sports field.

But actually talking to mom and dad, sharing their day, bearing their emotions at home? Nah, nothing, fine, whatever. Some moms are lucky to get that much out of their teenagers.

"I got excited a few months ago because my son initiated a conversation about toothpaste!" says MomIWant. "We had a real conversation (with words) for about five minutes. It was really exciting and the highlight of my month (not joking about this). I usually get "huh" "yup," "nah," or "okay/fine" -- end of parent vocabulary."


Another mom in the Connecting With Your Teenager group says her son doesn't even use a modern-day language anymore. He grunts like a caveman. "I have actually come to understand what each grunt means!" she says.

Getting your teen to talk to you is definitely a common problem with no clear answer. Some moms say you just have to give them space. Their hormones are raging -- even they have no idea what they are feeling enough to describe it to you or anyone.

One popular suggestion is spending the day with your son alone. Invite him to a game, shopping, the movies, or join a volunteer project together. Away from the pressures of daily life, the words might come. Or not. This is what we get for complaining during the toddler years.

How do you get your teen to talk with you? Does finding excused to spend alone time together help?

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