Is Your Teen As Spoiled As This Kid?

Have you seen the video of the spoiled teen who has a meltdown after his parents give him a beat-up truck for his birthday?


(If this video is, in fact, real), I was completely shocked and disturbed watching this 16-year-old attack his birthday present with a baseball bat while yelling "You guys are gonna make me look like frickin' poor kid in front of all my friends."


Many moms in the Advice for Moms group had a similar reaction to the spoiled teen. But some commenters said that they weren't surprised—that ungrateful behavior is typical of many teens these days who think they are entitled to nice cars, cell phones, televisions, laptops, etc., not to mention the best food, clothing, shelter, etc.

Do you agree? What things—if any—does your teen think they are entitled to get?

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