Family Dinner Topic of the Week: Summer To-Do Lists

CafeMoms are always asking for ways to get their kids to talk to them, so we're helping out with a weekly dinner conversation-starter.

This week's topic:

Summer To-Do Lists


Summer days can sometimes seem looooong and dull—especially school-aged kids and tweens who aren't involved in organized daily activities but are too young for a summer job.

Head off summer boredom by suggesting activities and events your kids can do by themselves. If you plan ahead and get your kids excited about a "Summer To-Do List" before the tedium sets in, you may never here "I'm bored!" again.

Here are some suggestions from CafeMoms for summer activities that kids can do on their own:

  • Caitzrawks suggested checking the local library for summer reading groups and movie series.
  • Kustomkrochet's idea is to get kids involved in crafts or hobbies—clay, yarn and knitting needles or crochet hook, cross stitching, a bug catcher, an aquarium with fish, etc.
  • Momjs said her 8-year-old entertains herself by playing dress-up and having a fashion show.
  • Writeon encourages her son to make plans with friends from school or from the neighborhood.
  • Lesli shared that her imaginative 10-year-old daughter is writing a play.
  • Cafe Sheri suggests really creative ways kids can avoid summer brain drain including creating an at-home cooking class or turning your backyard into a science lab.

What activities are on your kids' "Summer To-Do List?"

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