Don't Know How to Talk to Your Teen?

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Photo from TableTopics

Isn't it weird — the whole bunch of us former teenagers finding it virtually impossible to talk to teens? Yet it's a very real problem for many parents of teens.

Why not try TableTopics for Teens?


Put an end to silent family dinners and urge your teens to open up beyond, "yup," "mmhmm," and "fine."

Each TableTopics cube comes with 135 conversation starters, including ice breaker questions like:

  • What's the best birthday party you can imagine?
  • Could you get straight A's next year if you were offered one million dollars?
  • For which store would you like to win unlimited free shopping?
  • What personal trait has gotten you in the most trouble?
  • What car would you love to own?
  • What would you most like to protest?

Maybe your family can't stop talking when you're all together. Lucky for you! But this box of questions can still be fun for car rides, parties, and bigger family gatherings too.

And, of course, it's perfect for the family that's conversationally challenged.

There's also a Family Edition of TableTopics.

And remember, when it comes to talking to teens, practice makes perfect (or the best that you can be anyway...)!

What tips do you have for getting teens to open up and talk?

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