Hectic Mornings: Is There Any Other Way?

CM mom jodi122 put up the million dollar question: Do mornings have to be so hectic? Well, isn't that the only way to start the day?! Seriously speaking, I'd venture to guess that most households, especially those with more than one child, have a somewhat harried start to the day. There are a zillion things that could potentially happen in the morning which add to some form of chaos. Without total military precise organization, planning (and a Zen-like disposition) mornings can be tough.


On that point, texastornado sounds like she's got a great morning thing going: "You have to get organized the night before. I have my daughter lay out her clothes, we look at the weather channel to see what the weather will be and she picks out what she wants to wear. We put her backpack by the front door and make sure all her homework is inside before we go to bed. I make her lunch the night before and put it in the frig. I ask her what she wants for breakfast the night before so I can be ahead of the game. We set her alarm, and read a book before she goes to bed." Love it.

For the rest of us though, there's always the "Wake up, I said, get up!" issue (to which mom GrnEyedGrandma solves with her sleepy teenagers by putting cold marbles in the bed!). There's the, " Mommmmmy, I don't want that for breakfast!" situation I usually encounter with at least one of my small boys (even if I'd take requests the night before, there'd surely be a change of mind). For mothers working outside of the home, you have yourself to get ready additionally--nothing like a run in your last pair of good black tights. jodi122's 8 year-old daughter and 12-year-old son have to have the requisite fight about who sits where in the car (but really fighting over anything will do).

So mommys, please share. What's your morning routine like? And if you have any brilliant plan of action, you're required to tell!

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