Does Your Tween Have a Bad Attitude?

tweens with bad attitudesOrdinarily, we'd expect our teenagers to (at times) be moody, mouthy, and disrespectful, or to have an attitude. But lots of moms say their tweens are exhibiting disrespectful behavior, and they're wondering what to do about it...


MYTWOKIDS131 posted in the Advice for Moms Group about her 7-year-old daughter who "has an attitude...rolling her eyes, stomping when mad, back-talking, ignoring,  being mean to her little sister, etc." She's wondering if this is her daughter's true personality or if it's just a stage.

Moms were quick to empathize with her, saying that they saw this type of behavior with their tweens and that it is usually just a stage:

  • AutymsMommy: My daughter is almost 8... she went through this stage at the beginning of 7. We didn't punish her for it, though. But we were able to show her HOW to be kind and respectful, and that we just do not respond, at all, to a disrespectful nature. We haven't had a problem with her attitude in months.
  • Mamamia819: Nip it in the butt now, because coming from the mom of 13- and 10-year-old girls, it doesn't get any better as they get older. Let her know what is not acceptable, and under no circumstances should you tolerate it.
  • Ann7227: I have all boys. Haven't gotten that kind of attitude. But the girl across the street she is 12 and acts just like that and, no surprise, has zero friends.

Does your tween have a bad attitude or act disrespectfully? How do you handle it?

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