Braces Can Make for Straight Teeth, But What About a Clean Mouth?

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The following is a guest post from our sponsor, Listerine.

I couldn't believe it when I heard that three kids in my daughter's fifth grade class already had braces. Braces? Fifth grade? Although I knew braces would do wonders for her overbite, I was worried that they'd wreak havoc on her dental care. Frankly she wasn't a stellar brusher in the past, but now how was she possibly going to get to all the food and germs that love to hang out in braces and keep her mouth clean?

Then it occurred to me, she was going to need to do more than just brush well. So I got Listerine® Smart RinseTM, an anticavity fluoride rinse. It does more than prevent cavities, it acts like a magnet, attracting food particles and germs so when she spits after rinsing they're in the sink instead of in her mouth. I know, awesome!


And, believe it or not she actually thinks using it is kinda fun. Here's why-after she brushes her teeth she rinses with Smart RinseTM. Then, when she spits, she can see all the stuff she missed. And because she can see the gunk that's left in the sink (which granted is a little gross to me, but for some inexplicable reason she thinks is really cool) she knows that her mouth is clean.

It doesn't hurt that it also kills the germs that cause bad breath, because let's face it, when yogurt, fruit and everything else she eats make itself at home in braces it can't be a good thing.

I had to wear braces when I was a kid, although they were the super conspicuous "metal mouth" kind. Now, not only are kids getting braces younger, but they have all sorts of cool color choices and stuff. It's like it's they're the newest accessory. I know when she gets her braces off she's going to have a perfect smile. And, if Smart RinseTM helps her avoid cavities while they're getting that way, it's going to do wonders for mine too.

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