Are Your Kids Banned From Your Bedroom?

banning kids from parents room

Photo by JacknJill

By this point I'm pretty accustomed to toys, clothes, kitchen utensils, sporting equipment and everything else tossed about the place. That's just life with kids. But the one place I like to keep clean and orderly is my own bedroom. The other day I walked in to find evidence of intruders.

A yellow rain boot filled with stuffed animals sat in the middle of the floor.

My nightstand drawer was hanging open ready to fall, disemboweled, with my iPod, asthma inhaler and other assorted (personal!) stuff strewn about the bed.

Someone dragged my husband's ankle weight all the way across the room by the door. It was 10 pounds, so this culprit was very strong. But it caused me to trip and stub my toe, which is why I got so mad and wrote this post.


I'd been considering banning my kids from my room for some time, but put it off because it seemed so mean.

But reading that this is a common rule in other households has made me reconsider.

In a poll in Stay At Home Moms, over three-quarters of moms do not let their older kids in their bedroom. Those that do let them in only do so to watch TV quietly, or talk, or use the bathroom if the other is occupied. But most are not allowed to play or touch their parents' stuff.

The other night my son was mad at me over something, and told me I was not allowed in his room. Fine, I said. That's your right, your space. So I think it's high time to turn the same rule back on him and my 4 year old, weight-lifting daughter. Good luck to me.

Do you allow your big kids in your bedroom? Why or why not?

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