Family Dinner Topic of the Week: Choosing Good Friends


CafeMoms are always asking for ways to get their teens to talk to them, so we're helping out with a weekly dinner conversation-starter.

This week's topic:

Choosing good friends.

It's hard enough to be a teenager, but finding true friendships can be particularly difficult. As one anonymous mom explained:

My 13-year-old daughter is having such a difficult time finding friends that show sincere friendship toward her. She has had two particular friends since preschool, but their friendship has been so unhealthy...these girls have consistently bullied her and recently turned on my daughter by hacking into her Facebook page and writing mean things about her!

Here's some insight moms shared about how to talk to kids and help them to deal with this situation:

Niki_sd said: I would not go back to 13 for anything. I was in my late 20s before I got the message that "People who do not have friend behavior... ARE NOT FRIENDS!" ...It may take years for it to set in. Young years are so social. You often don't see who true friends are until the party is over.

Lesley722: There seems to be little concept of what loyalty is and what a friendship really is among the girls at her school. My daughter is no angel I'm sure but she doesn't accept offers for "hanging" and then accept a "better offer" or claim to be "best friends" one day and barely say "hi" in the hallway the following day.

NannyB. said: We want our closest friends to be people who will challenge us to move upward rather than always be pulling us downward. ...Those relationships which are constantly draining of spiritual energies and never seeming to do anything to replace it are not to be considered as true friendships.

How do you get your teens to talk about friendships and relationships?

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MomIWant MomIWant

Hands down, this was one of the biggest issues in our house.  Both of dd & ds seemed to have "friends" that were not really friends when they were young teens.  The dinner conversation revolved around their "friends" and the current drama most nights.  As they have matured, they are surrounding themselves with genuine friends and seem to recognize the same more easily.

nonmember avatar tresondiw

At first, I thought someone was ripping off Cosgrove's likeness and using it to sell some bogus product...then I moved on to thinking it was a joke. Apparently I was mistaken twice and this is something he and Roussell are actually marketing.

Am I the only one that's confused? This seems to go against just about everything these guys have preached for...well, forever. It sounds gimmicky and I'm more than a little incredulous.


Also I found a review on it here:

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