How to Make Summer Chores Fun for Kids

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Summer vacation. Is that an oxymoron? Summer might be a vacation for the kids, but when they're home from school all day, it might not be so relaxing for you. In fact, you might even have more work to do since they'll likely be adding to the daily mess of the house. One way to keep them busy and your house in order? Have them help out with household chores.


Blogger Trish Berg, and mother of four kids, offered these five creative ideas for making summer chores fun for kids.

1. Hold a Drawing. Sit down with your family and write out all the daily and weekly chores that need to be done. Write each chore on an index card, fold it, and place it in a jar. Each morning after breakfast, have each family member draw out their chore for the day.

2. Have an auction. Make a list of the chores you want to get done. Label each chore with a value of tickets. Washing the dishes after breakfast might be worth five tickets and vacuuming might be worth seven. As each child chooses their chore, award them with the appropriate number of tickets (you can buy these at Staples or make your own). At the end of the week (or month), you can hold an auction of desired items, such as an ice cream from the local shop, an extra hour of stay up past bedtime, or a date with mom or dad to dinner. The kids can bid using their tickets—just make sure everyone wins something.

3. Use teamwork. Divide your family into teams and have each team decide what daily or weekly chores they will accomplish. At the end of the day (week, month) award prizes for the team that gets done first, the team that does the best job, and the team that has the best attitude while working.

4. Chart it out. Put a chore chart on the refrigerator with each daily and weekly chore that each child must complete in order to keep their privileges (anything fun like watching T.V., playing Nintendo, using the Internet).

5. Hire them. Hire your kids and "pay" them in fake Monopoly money. Set a salary for each chore and let them be their own boss and make the decisions as to how much money they want to earn. At the end of the week, let them go shopping with their fake money. You can buy some fun things at the dollar store, make coupons for things like an extra hour to sleep in or renting a movie or having a friend sleepover.


How do you get your kids to help out around the house?

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