PTA: Too Much Pressure For You?

There's a simple correlation between parental involvement in schools and children's success. The more there is, the better kids do. It's that basic. Depending on the school your child attends, the PTA/PTO (Parent-Teacher's Association/Organization) is usually viewed one of two ways: a necessary force in making positive things happen (check out the CM PTA/PTO group) or just a pain-in-the-neck bunch of busy body moms with nothing better to do.


I'm fortunate enough to have my child at a school where the PTA is actually the lifeblood of the school; they (we, because technically every parent at our school is a member) raise unprecedented amounts of money, organize wonderful programs and work hard to keep the student body (1000+ kids and parents!) all on one accord. The problem, if you will, is how intense the requests of the PTA can feel. Cake sales, candy sales, t-shirt sales, 'Go Green' campaigns, after-school volunteerism, meet-the-board breakfasts. There's hardly a day that goes by where there isn't some kind of PTA notice reminding parents of something due or needed. I feel a pang of guilt even verbalizing this, considering the godsend that the PTA truly is, but arrrgh! Leave me alone! (Okay, not forever, just today.)

Where do you stand when it comes to the PTA in your child's school? Are you involved/what do you do? Or do you run for cover when a PTA member is headed your way?

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