Summer Jobs: Does Your Teen Have One?

teens summer jobsThere have been lots of reports that it's difficult for teen to find summer jobs this year because they're competing with laid-off adults for positions in movie theaters, retail, and fast food. The lack of jobs for teens seem to be a reality for some CafeMoms; but others say that their teens have been successful in securing employment for the summer. Here's what a few teens are doing...


Some CafeMoms report that their teens were able to find summer jobs. Many of these teens looked for work from friends of friends:

Csjoy1's 18-year-old son is "working part-time as a bus boy, and hating it 'cause he'd rather be off for the summer."

Evanmak0094's 15-year-old son is "mowing a couple of lawns for money and watching his little sister a couple of hours a day to make money."

Aunt_shel's teen is "mowing a friend's mom's yard and babysitting for extra money."

Tracylynnr67 says: "My 18-year-old is working his part-time job (24-30 hours a week) as a cashier/cart boy, and volunteering as an instructor for a summer water program...My 17-year-old is working his part-time job as a cashier/cart boy/produce employee."

But other CafeMoms say their teens have had no luck looking for work:

Dillonsma says: "My son has looked but no one will hire a 15-year-old when adults seem to want the jobs. He is doing some odd jobs for neighbors. But what else are these teens going to do?"

And texassahm emphasizes with the lack of work for teens but has this suggestion: "I am sure there are lots of places where teens can volunteer. It looks good on a resume, and boosts their awareness of others around them."

Does your teen work a summer job? Was it hard for he/she to find it?

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