Lemonade Stands: A Fun Summer Activity

There's just something so nostalgic about seeing kids on the sidewalks in their lemonade stands. That's just one summer activity that hasn't really changed for years (other than the price of lemons!). Kids are always trying to come up with ways to make some "hard-earned" cash and this is a great way to keep them both entertained and give them a little lesson in money.


mamaada says: We do this every year. All I did was set up a little table, my kids made a big sign "Lemonade For Sale 50 cents" and they decorated it with yellow balloons and drew lemons on it. We didn't have fresh squeezed lemonade, just the powder mix. As long as it is served cold, it's good. BTW, my kids make a killing every year and sell out. People actually gave more than 50 cents!

Fistandantalus suggests donating profits to charity: Our son holds a lemonade stand For breast cancer ever year. All profits are donated to Susan G. Komen. The kids wear pink ribbons, the sign has pink ribbons, we use cups with pink ribbons. Over the four years he's done this, we've raised over a thousand dollars for Susan G. Komen.

And, if you want to be eco-friendly, follow these tips from Lil Sugar:

  • Use recycled cardboard and low-VOC paint to create the stand.
  • Use organic lemons and organic sugar to create your lemonade. YumSugar has a great recipe.
  • Serve your beverages in cups made from corn that let visitors know they are 100 percent compostable.
  • Encourage your child to speak to visitors about why their stand is making a difference.

I also love this article from New York Magazine interviewing kids around NYC about their lemonade stands. Such cute answers!

Do your kids set up a lemonade stand in the summer? Have any tips?

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