Which Subjects Should Be Taught in School...But Aren't?

which subjects should be taught in schoolIn his "Advice to High School Graduates," a New York Times writer talks about the fact that schools don't focus on teaching kids to be truly happy, but rather only prepare them for decisions that will make them only "marginally happy."


For example, classes and instruction are focused on helping young people to choose careers, make money, and achieve status. Sure, these are all necessary to get by in society. But do these help kids to be happy?

What about the areas of life that have a bigger impact on happiness? Why are there no classes for making and keeping friends, choosing a spouse or partner, or controlling one's impulses? Young people are pretty much left alone to figure these things out for themselves.

The writer makes an interesting point about the holes in curriculum when it comes to some life lessons. But I wonder if school is the appropriate place to learn about these intimate relationships and topics.

What do you think? When it comes to your own kids, are there any subjects you think they should learn in school but don't?

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