Teen Injected by Dad With HIV Graduates From High School

teen injected with AIDS GraduatesHere's an inspiring graduation story...

We all remember the horrifying story from years ago: 11-month-old Brryan Jackson was injected with HIV by his dad, who hoped the baby would die so he wouldn't have to pay child support. Now, at age 18,  Jackson, who wasn't expected to survive AIDS, is graduating from high school this week.


Jackson's story of survival may give hope to those in desperate situations, but he doesn't stop there. Rather, he has become an outspoken advocate for people with AIDS, raising awareness about the disease and lobbying for funding. He started a non-profit called Hope is Vital, and is working this summer with Project Kindle, which sponsors summer camps for kids with AIDS. Jackson hopes that his work will help to educate people about the AIDS and stop the spread of the virus.

With so many depressing stories in the news, isn't it a pleasant surprise to read something that's for once uplifting?

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