Outdoor Childhood Games

outdoor games

Photo by stacy77

"Red Rover, Red Rover, send Jessi right over!!!"

That game brings back fond memories and I absolutely love seeing kids play these simple outdoor games today, even in this high-tech world.


kerrysmom asked The Newcomers Club what their favorite outdoor games were growing up. Here's what they had to say:

sherry132: I loved four square, tether ball, playing Star Wars in the fields, Little House on the Prairie at the playground, hide and seek, red rover, and red light green light.

StrBryBlnde: I loved playing four square, tag, house (we would make mud pies), hide-and-seek, and riding our bikes with a card in the spokes pretending we were riding motorcycles.

nandbsmom: Hop scotch, jumping rope, horse, around the world, and I loved red rover.

Oh ladies, these bring back so many memories!! We had to rely on our imaginations so much back then!

What was your favorite outdoor game growing up? Do your kids play any of these?


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