Palin Billed State for Kids' Travel. What Would You Have Done?

Governor Sarah Palin billed her homestate of Alaska over $20,000 for travel for her kids since she took office nearly two-years ago. Obviously, anything surrounding simply the name Sarah Palin is a hot buzz topic, but my question is less political and more, say, maternal. (And in the interest of full-disclosure, I've actually faced this situation.)


If you had a high-powered job that kept you on the road and away from your children for significant amounts of time, would you try to find a way to bring them with you (mind you, many high-powered employees expense everything)? If yes, would you pay for it yourself? If no, is it because you'd just accept that having your particular job meant being away from the kids? Or because if you couldn't afford it, you just wouldn't do it? Share!

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