Halloween Birthdays: Can You Say Double Fun?!

My son's birthday is two days after Christmas, so I'm empathetic with/excited for moms whose kids' birthdays fall on or near Halloween. We all want our kids to feel extra-special on their birthdays, but there's nothing you can do but embrace the fact that your child's birthday falls on a holiday he shares with everyone. Making the best out of a two-for-one birthday can be a blast--but especially on Halloween when kids are amped up to get dressed up in costumes, play spooky games and eat candy!


CM mom beckybooboo is looking for ideas for a Halloween Birthday bash for nearly everyone in her house (they all have B-days close to Halloween)! One response she got is totally worth sharing with all of you, in case you have a Halloween Birthday to prepare for yourself! 

"Have a pumpkin patch, then carving tools and paints for adults and kids to do their thing. Have prizes for best decorated pumpkin etc. Costume prizes too. Dunking for apples, hang white donuts from a horizontal pole and let the kids see you can finish one with their hands behind their backs. Put together two piles of scarecrow attire. Put the kids into teams. Each child dresses over their own clothes, runs with a balloon to the other end, pops the balloon by sitting on it, then runs back and undresses. Play fast music and it gets really hairy and fun. First team done, wins. Have a campfire and roast corn in the husks and make s'mores. Play the game "Under/Over" with a pumkin instead of a ball. Pinatas are always a hit too!" says manna1qd.

Your turn, add more Halloween Birthday ideas!  Let us know how you celebrate your holiday birthday.

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