The End-of-School-Year Insanity: Even the First Lady Can't Escape

Michelle Obama, First Lady, work/life balance

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The end of the school year comes with a whole lot of extra activities for school kids and their parents: parties, plays, special presentations, award ceremonies, graduations...Phew!

And even our First Lady must endure the insanity—because #1, she's a mom.


I don't know about you, but I'm still really happy to have a "real mom" in the White House who frequently acknowledges the struggle of working class parents who are balancing work and family life. This is not something we are used to hearing from the White House (at least not that I can remember). 

I love having a mom in the White House who has "been there, done that" when it comes to managing work and family life. It nice to have someone who can "be our voice" from a well-respected seat in Washington D.C. and who can remind the world who makes the world go 'round (eh em, that's us, ladies).

In this recent interview with NBC's Brian Williams, First Lady Michelle Obama had this to say about the hectic last week of school: “This is one of those weeks where it’s the end of the school year and there are concerts and potlucks and end-of-the-year-everything and I think I’ve been at their school two or three times this week. But that is no different from what I did before all of this. And it’s no different than every parent I know." 

And then she humbly reminds us how she manages her First Lady duties atop it all: "I have way more resources...the First Family has support that most families don't have, and I don't take that for granted for one second."

She continues, "When you come from normal life, every resource that is available to us that makes our life easier is one we appreciate because we know that most families don't have a movie theater in their home, that most families don't have the access of a facility like Camp David as a retreat, that most people don't have a staff of people who are focusing 24 hours a day on how to make your lives easier."

Thanks, Michelle, for sharing how you juggle, for recognizing the importance of having support for families wherever possible, and for being a voice for regular moms.

How's the end-of-the-school-year juggle going for you? Do you need your own personal staff to get you through?

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