Parenting Styles: Which Type of Parent Are You?

what is your parenting styleDoesn't it seem like the media is always trying to come up with a new label to define us as parents? A recent piece in the New York Times discusses a new trend called "slow parenting"—which is the opposite of over-parenting and over-scheduling your children.


In other words, instead of constantly rushing your kids around to soccer practice, guitar lessons, etc., and obsessing about their safety and needs, the focus of slow parenting is on backing off and lightening up. This type of parenting style is supposedly a rebellion against "child-centering parenting" or "alpha parenting" in which parents micromanage their kids.

Parents are used to sacrificing their own needs for the benefit of their children; now, the new philosophy is that parents should pay more attention to their own needs (in addition to the needs of their kids). This way, everyone—both kids and parents— will be happier and better adjusted in the end.

What do you think of "slow parenting"? Is it selfish or does it make sense?



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