My Sons Co-Sleep With Each Other

co-sleeping big kids

Photo by superpowers1279

Many CafeMoms think that opposite sex toddlers sharing a bedroom is no big deal, but the room is split on whether opposite sex teen siblings should share quarters. Some states even have laws that prohibit it.

But here's a new kid sleeping question that popped up in Advice for Moms -- same sex siblings sleeping in the same bed.

jen_wikstrom's 5 and 6 year old sons share a room, and they always end up sleeping in the same bed, even though they each have their own. They are not foster children (there are laws governing those types of sleeping arrangements). She wants to know if it's okay to move the bed out of the room and let the boys sleep on the one bed, since they always end up there anyway.


mamivon2's feeling on the matter is, "As long as the boys feel comfortable, why not? My kids, a boy AND girl, used to sleep in one bed all the time. I guess they just needed it. Keep the other bed, though, because you never know. Three months from now it might be a whole different ball game."

If your two same sex siblings wanted to sleep together in the same bed, would you allow it? Would you permit your different sex siblings to do this? Up till what age?

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