Does Your Son Wear Too Much Axe?

This article about teenage boys overusing Axe made me laugh. Apparently, Axe's overly sexual commercials are working a bit too well. As a result, teens everywhere are dousing themselves with the potent deodorants and body sprays—much to the dismay of everyone within smelling-range of them!


A mom in Arizona had to ban Axe body wash in her house because her teen sons used way too much. "They couldn't rinse the washcloths out well enough, and when I washed them, we all wore Axe!"

Overuse of Axe was such a problem in Minnesota that some officials in the City of Minneapolis School District actually called for (unsuccessfully) a ban on fragrances. The not funny part of all this is that it's the kids with asthma, as well as others who may be sensitive or allergic, who end up suffering from a too-heavy application of perfume.

In response to rampant irresponsible use of their product, the makers of Axe are lauching a new educational ad campaign, which emphasizes that everything should be used in moderation and focuses on the best places to apply its products.

Hilarious, right?

I think what is so surprising to me about all this is that I hear so many moms complain that their teenage boys smell bad because they refuse to use deodorant. But in this case, the opposite seems to be true.

Does your son use too much Axe? Or does he refuse to wear deodorant at all?

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