Hey Parents, Lighten Up, Will You?

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I admit, when it comes to day-to-day parenting, I could stand to lighten up a little. Okay, a lot.


One hectic evening, not even that long ago, I started laughing really hard with my kids and husband, and it felt, well, kinda foreign.

I'm not proud to say I don't let go with joyfulness very often, but it's true. Between work and the daily grind and school drop offs and pick ups and baseball practice and making meals and taking care of a house and a marriage, I get a little too tightly wound.

I forget what's really important. Loving. Laughing. Basic happiness. Quite frankly, I can be a stress case.

That's why I love these "Ten Tips for Being a More Light-Hearted Parent" from The Happiness Project, found via ohdeedoh. I think I'm going to work on singing in the morning (sorry, family!), cutting back on treats and impulse buys (you're welcome, bank account), and saying "no!" only when it really matters.

What about you, moms? Could you stand to lighten up when it comes to daily parenting?

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